VARIOFLEX: Flexible tile adhesive for bonding ceramic tiles



With VARIOFLEX it is possible to glue following materials, both indoors and outdoors: faience, ceramic, mosaic, etc., and this on surfaces such as concrete, masonry, cementing work, cellular concrete, cement screed and gypsum.

The glueing on to gypsum blocks and gypsum plaster work is possible after they received a pretreatment with a COMPAKTUNA® / water solution (1/4) or with PRIMER PO (P.T.B.- PRIMER).

When natural stone is to be placed, we recommend covering the entire plate with adhesive and avoiding working with dots. Glueing of certain kinds of natural stone (e.g. marble) must be done using VARIOFLEX white.

Floors fitted with floor heating can also be finished with tiles glued with VARIOFLEX (maximum tile size with floor heating is 40 x 40 cm).

VARIOFLEX is an easy-to-use glue that can very easily be spread. Due to its excellent standing power, it is very well appropriate for glueing on to walls. Also 24 hours after installation, the adhesive has sufficiently cured to be able to enter the room and to joint the tiles.

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Indoors & outdoors


+5°C till +30°C


Adhesive trowel


Rubber mallet


Mix mechanically with water


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