WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE 290: Crack-bridging sealing mat



WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE 290 is a crack-bridging sealing mat made of flexible polyethylene with a polypropylene fabric on both sides, which allows bonding with tile adhesive.

WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE 290 serves as a sealing foil under tiles and floor coverings, especially where the substrate is sensitive to moisture. Applications are both floor and wall applications, wet areas such as bathrooms, showers and the area around swimming pools, in housing, hotels and hospitals, commercial kitchens, balconies and terraces.

It is recommended to glue WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE 290 with FLEXcement® RAPID. WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE 290 can be tiled directly on. For finishing in the corners, inner and outer corners are available on request.





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