GEDROOGD KWARTSZAND TYPE 1 & 2 - White, dried sand




  • Jointing sand: For sweeping sand into the gaps of a pavement, drives, terraces, floors, etc. The sand smoothly fills all the cracks, and absorbs little water as a consequence of which it dries quickly after moistening.
  • Joint mortars: This sands provides an agreeable and easily processable mortar for joints up to 10 mm, is very hard, increases the water resistance, does not stain and dimishes the chance of efflorescence.
  • Abrasive powder: GEDROOGD KWARTSZAND TYPE 1 & 2 is very hard and can be gritted under the grinding stones as supplementary abrasive agent. This type of sand can also be used for wet sandblasting e.g. for renovation of walls, removing old paint, moss and algae,...
  • Decorated sand: E.g. in aquariums and terrariums, etc.


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