JOINT HY is a dry composition that by simple addition of water can be turned into a ready-for-use jointing mortar or grout.

JOINT HY has exceptional processing characteristics and results in joints with a high strength and a closed surface.

With JOINT HY, the joints both indoor and outdoor can be made with the following materials: faience, ceramics, mosaics, etc.

JOINT HY is suitable for stopping joints of walls and floors with a width of joint up to 5 mm.

JOINT HY has a strongly increased impermeability to water resulting in the joint becoming less rapidly dirty and is among others appropriate for bathrooms, shower cabins and other damp rooms.

JOINT HY is suitable for jointing floors with floor heating, in compliance with the conventional dilatation joints. For jointing of natural stones the porsosity of the natural stones should be taken in consideration.

JOINT HY is classified as cimentitious grout for tiles with high abrasion resistance and reduced water absorption: CG2 WA.

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Indoors & outdoors


Mix mechanically with water


+10°C till +30°C


Plastic scoop


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