SD+ NextGel™: grouting sand for tiles, paving stones and clay tiles


The high-quality product Grouting Sand SD+ NextGelMC for tiles, paving slabs and vitrified clay is a mixture of calibrated sand and a binding agent.

The grout is applied dry, must be wetted and becomes hard after drying. The product has been specially developed for grouting paving stones and tiles, pavers and vitrified clay tiles on hard substrates with drainage support. The product can be used for new surfaces to replace jointing mortar and classic jointing sand, and also for renovation work.

The Grouting sand SD+ NextGelMC is ready for use and ensures easy, clean and fast placement of joints. It remains flexible and follows the movements of the substrate, so that the joints do not protrude. It adheres to the paving stones and tiles for a long time, without contracting. The formula prevents the formation or spread of whitewash.

In contrast to classic grouting sand, it remains stable and well in place. The grout limits weed growth and insect infestation. It is also resistant to erosion caused by water, frost, wind, cleaning, etc.

The product also contributes to a cleaner environment because it prevents the sand from the joints from spreading across the surface. It also stabilises horizontal or inclined works.

In order to better cope with the movements of the substrate, Grouting Sand SD+ NextGelMC becomes flexible when wet and hard again when dry.

SD+ NextGel™


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