MICROPOL® CLEAR: Mortar oil for mortar and concrete


Why use MICROPOL® CLEAR for mortar?

  1. The workability of the mortar is exceptional! It makes you save working hours.
  2. All sharp sands can be processed equally easy, no longer problems with low-grade sandy clay, sand from Limbourg and the like.
  3. Segregation, bleeding or precipitation is impossible: no water on the mortar and concrete; no need to stir the tubs.
  4. Gain in volume by introduction of air bubbles.


Why use MICROPOL® CLEAR for concrete?

  1. Allows better mixing and vibrating; no sand or gravel pockets.
  2. Higher resistance against freezing and thawing.
  3. Is more resistant to chemicals such as salts used to melt ice on the roads.
  4. Lower water permeability than ordinary concrete.
  5. Water saving: better water/cement ratio.
  6. Segregation, bleeding or precipitation is impossible: no water on concrete.



  1. Supplies air
  2. Better workability



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