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P.T.B.-CEMENT - Hydraulic binder




P.T.B.-CEMENT is a cement based on the Portland clinker.

  • Grey: CEMII/B-M (S-V) 32,5 N, is a Portland composite cement consisting of cement clinker, fl y ash and furnace slag. The compressive strength after 28 days on normalized mortar (water/cement factor = 0,5) is at least 32,5 MPa and maximum 52,5 MPa.
  • White: CEMI 42,5 N LA white, is a white Portland cement with a limited alkali content. LA-cement can be used in combination with all traditional granulates without the risk of a reaction between the alkalis of the cement and those of the granulates. The compressive strength after 28 days on normalized mortar (water/cementfactor = 0,5) is at least 42,5 MPa and maximum 62,5 MPa.




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