P.T.B. Compaktuna

News 2010


01/12/10 - Floor paint for garages and warehouses


The KIT P.T.B.-FLOORCOATING is a complete solution for painting garage and warehouse floors. The floor becomes longwearing and has a semi-bright appearance. This KIT contains the following:

You will we able to accomplish approximately 20m² of painted floor. 
Available in green, red and grey:





01/09/10 - A sealing joint to make wet!


An important innovation of Polymeric Jointing Sand on two areas:


  • A new way of wetting, which makes the jointing easier: de joint will be made completely wet - de joint will only take the water it needs to react.
  • Even after 90 minutes the joint resists unexpected rainfall; a guarantee at unstable weather conditions.

Apply dry, compact, make wet and let it dry to become the best result.


TECHNISEAL® DR+ Polymeric Sand


01/08/10 - Two new epoxy-colors available


P.T.B.-EPOXY-JOINT, the acid resistant epoxy glue and jointing mortar is also available in de colors dark grey and anthracite, and this in buckets of 1,5 kg and 5 kg.


The composition has been modified, allowing the jointing of small and thicker joints.


P.T.B.-EPOXY-JOINT is very suitable for the gluing and jointing of tiles which are submitted at specific conditions, such as swimming pools and industrial kitchens.




01/07/10 - COMPAKTUNA® on the road!


From now on, you can encounter COMPAKTUNA® even more on the road.


01/04/10 - Jointing is possible after 3 hours


FLEXcement® RAPID is a new tile glue, especially designed for construction sites where jointing must be done the same day.


  • A tile glue with extraordinary adhesion and flexibility, and increased shear stress resistance 
  • Flexible tile glue of the C2 FTE, S1 type
  • Glueing tile to tile is possible (for interior applications)
  • A glue with very fast curing characteristics allowing to enter the room and to fill the joints after 3 hours



01/03/10 - Combats ascending moisture


FREEZTEQ® creates a full watertight barrier against ascending moisture in walls.


  • Easy to use and very efficient
  • Walls of any thickness can be treated



    01/03/10 - Flexible polymer for filling joints


    FLOWJOINT® FLEX is a ready-to-use liquid polymer which forms an elastic polymer when entering into contact with air moisture.


    • FLOWJOINT® FLEX is in liquid form, and when pouring it will fill the joint uniformly. 
    • In doing so, FLOWJOINT® FLEX will bond very well to practically all surfaces. 
    • After approx. 45 minutes, a film is formed at the surface, so that the sticky effect disappears and the polymer obtains its definite characteristics.



    23/01/10 - Stone Expo 2010


    We will be present at the STONE EXPO fair at FLANDERS EXPO in Ghent which will be held from January 23 until January 25.
    Besides the P.T.B.® product range, also the TECHNISEAL® product range will be presented.
    Also a permanent demonstration of the CORNERTAPE® product range is planned.

    01/01/10 - For perfect silicone joints


    P.T.B.-COMPAKTUNA® will become the exclusive distributor of the CORNERTAPE® product range in the BENELUX. 
    CORNERTAPE® includes a full range of tools for removing old silicones, wipes for preparing the surface, special masking tapes intended for positioning the silicones, and a forming kit for smoothing it in a perfect manner.




    01/01/10 - Decorative support for borders and all garden components


    The ALUMINIUM BORDER TECHNISEAL® ensures a harmonious trim of borders, pavements, green areas and garden paths. Both straight and neatly curved lines are possible. A perfect and long-lasting border between pavements and plants. 
    Guaranteed 100% Aluminium.


    TECHNISEAL® Aluminium Border