As a specific composite mixture, COMPAKTUNA® PRO, is with its extraordinary properties a first for the building and general industries, a jump ahead on progress!
One may say that the principal assets of COMPAKTUNA® PRO are its extraordinary impermeability to water, its extremely good workability and its remarkable flexibility, all of it resulting in a readily processed mortar of high persistence.


1. Its extraordinary impermeability to water
COMPAKTUNA® PRO is extremely appropriate for being applied in all cases where water is causing problems. For all sealing activities, such as cellars, water collection basins, inspection pits, foundation walls, swimming pools, terraces, showers, etc. COMPAKTUNA® PRO is the ideal product. Also for cementing work, jointing, mortar and concrete which must satisfy high requirements for impermeability to water, COMPAKTUNA® PRO is the ideal solution: a strong water repellency can be obtained by merely applying some fine coatings of COMPAKTUNA® PRO spread/mortar.
2. Its extremely good workability
Because of its well-considered composition, working with COMPAKTUNA® PRO mortar is much easier in general. COMPAKTUNA® PRO mortar is pliable and light, does not release any liquid and has a high persistence, so that vertical applications also can be carried out without problems. COMPAKTUNA® PRO improves the workability, leading to a more favourable water/cement ratio.
3. Its remarkable flexibility
Adding COMPAKTUNA® PRO to mortar gives that mortar, because of its remarkable flexibility, in certain cases the ability to adapt itself to new conditions such as deformations and expansion of material.

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